Mail Watch! Baker Mayfield, the Moon, and Eggnog

It's another edition of Mail Watch! That's right, your random questions answered by the prestigious producer of Polumbus and Lindahl. We cover everything from quarterbacks to eggnog. Enjoy!


If the moon was made of cheese would you eat it?

Easy. Yes. I'm all about cheese. I'm the guy that brings fancy cheese to a party to show how classy I am. In reality everyone knows the cheese guy is just bringing in brie to cover how abysmally uncultured he is.  Get it.. cultured. I'm 100% all in on cheese. Cheese goes great on just about everything, tacos, eggs, vegetables, chips, steak, I mean.. really anything. If the moon was indeed made of cheese believe I would put myself through NASAs astronaut program on the off chance I would be selected for a moon mission. That way I could slice off just a bit of the Sea of Serenity and taste it with a nice pairing of space chardonnay. Would moon cheese pair well with a red or white? Hell yes I'd eat the moon if it was made of cheese.


Long-time first-time, Have we seen enough out of Baker Mayfield so far to justify his draft position?

Yes. Let's remember that Baker Mayfield was drafted by the Browns. Let me say that again for the people in the back, he was drafted by the Browns. Let's take a quick look at the Browns top passers over the past few decades: DeSone Kizer, Cody Kessler, Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye, Trent Dilfer (the older even worse version), Jeff Garcia (again, old and worse version), Kelly Holcomb, Tim Couch, Vinny Testaverde, Mike Tomczak, and then the legend Bernie Kosar in 1995. Yea, it's been a minute since they had a QB capable of not wanting to rip your eyes out Oedipus style. 

Baker is, at the very least, good. At his very best, he could be a pro-bowl caliber type QB, and that's enough for Browns fans to pop champagne again. Hell, Cleveland is currently 5-7-1 and they feel like Rose at the bow of the Titanic (before it sunk). Mayfield has a ton of swagger and game to back it up. I'm not in the "he'll be elite" category of media members, but you can't deny what he's done already. Actually win some games.


Who will be the best qbs in the upcoming draft? Are any of them tall?

We definitely know who the best QB prospects are in the upcoming draft. Of course a lot depends on who decides to stay in school and enter the NFL. One of the fence guys is Justin Herbert from Oregon. He's a bit raw but has big-time ability if he can harness it. Herbert also stands 6'6." That's just a few inches away from John Elway being tempted to draft him. Let's be honest, your question was a bit of a shot at old number 7 for falling in love with tall drinks of water at quarterback. If you ain't 6'8" don't bother applying. Elway loves him some tall QBs but he'll have to be more lenient in the height department in 2019. Other top QB prospects are Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State, Drew Lock out of Missouri, and Will Grier from West Virginia to name a few. Bottom line you aren't going to find the reserve center for Timberwolves. The tallest of the top prospects is Herbert. The most important thing the Broncos can do is not miss on their next QB pick. Height be damned!


Do you like egg nog?

At risk of being the weird guy, I do like the nog. This is coming from someone who has actually made the stuff, and for anyone that has created homemade eggnog before and still enjoys it,... you are brave. I don't know how I can look past drinking raw eggs.. maybe it's the fact I'm a dad and have seen a person come out of another person. That will scar you for life. After that everything is peas and carrots. Maybe it's not the nog it's the fact that the beverage is just another vessel to consume whiskey and or rum. When you spend time around family during the holidays (not mine of course) you need a little buzz to take the edge off. However you get it you get it. There are some things we enjoy in life that maybe don't make a lot of sense, egg nog is one of them for me. Some people like watching tennis or Miami Marlins baseball. I don't get it but whatever works for them.

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Tyler Polumbus

Tyler Polumbus

Tyler Polumbus


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