Mail Watch! Broncos Injuries, Woodchucks, and Greedo

In the very first Polumbus and Lindahl Mail Watch! we hit all kinds of topics. Which is the point of the Mail Watcg! I am your humble show producer James. Let's see what we have in the box.


1) Does the large number of injuries to key players give VJ a pass even if they lose all the remaining games? 

VJ isn't getting any injury passes this season. The Broncos head coach started 2018 on the hot seat because 2017 was such a huge disaster. It's all about wins and losses. VJ could roll out with a crew of boy scouts and a trapeze artist, John Elway doesn't care, he wants wins. Of course the Broncos are certainly more talented than a collection of random people. Denver actually has some star players on both sides of the ball and you have to credit (dare I say) Elway for that. Phillip Lindsay is an absolute rock star and Bradley Chubb is complementing Von Miller like fine white wine with salmon. 

Where was I? Oh yea, Vance Joseph. Let's be honest, Vance is as popular with Broncos fans as smallpox was with Queen Elizabeth I (she had it, look it up). Bottom line, the Broncos are just a few bad games away from Vance being back on the hot seat. Even without Emmanuel Sanders or Chris Harris, the Broncos have to finish 2018 with some respectability. The bad news for the Joseph haters is that Denver has almost done that. The 49ers, Browns, and Raiders are all bad enough for a limited Broncos squad to snag a few wins, and that may be all they need. If the team doesn't quit on the coach (and they haven't yet) Vance is likely safe. For now.

2) What are everyone's favorite Christmas/holiday cookies?

It's going to be tough to get everyone's opinion on this. A quick Google search shows the world has about 7.7 billion people. I don't think we have time or the means to create a poll snagging everyone's opinion. Let's start with what should be everyone's favorite. How about the tried and true Christmas cookies. You know the sugar cookies shaped like a candy cane with an inch layer of frosting and a random assortment of sprinkles and red hots wedged in there. Those are the best right? Unless Oreos have a holiday themed cookie. Do they? Then it's definitely that one.


As the NFL expands to other countries, will we ever see a 3rd and 4th conference due to the size of the league and the distance of teams?

No. Unless you are really patient and then I'll say yes. In the short term the NFL uses international cities like an oil tycoon uses mistresses. Fleece them for your own selfish purposes but never commit. If and when the NFL finally puts a ring on London's finger it will probably be a while from now. By the time we see the Madrid Tapas Kings and the Tokyo Samarai we'll also have flying cars and crusty cops chasing androids around futuristic cities. One thing I do know is that Tom Brady will still be playing. He'll be more machine than man but know this, Sully from Southie will still be watching 'ol Tom hurl passes to small white receivers in the Super Bowl. Of course by then the big game will be on the moon. The point is, yes we'll see an expansion to a few more conferences but us mortals likely won't be around anymore.


Um... yeah, quick question here from a long time friend. Is it true that if you don’t use it... you lose it?

Yes. I'm 100% in the lose it category. I went decades without riding a bike. I was always told you never forget how to ride a bike. Let me tell you something, you do. The first time I got on a bike without riding it, I was all over the place. It took a while to remember my balance. I was like a newborn doe or deer a female deer. You know what I mean. So yes, you definitely lose it if you don't use it. Unless we're talking about something else.


Who shot first? Han or Greedo?

Oh yes a Star Wars Question!!! Does it matter? Greedo clearly was going to shoot Han and Han was going to shoot Greedo. They both got a shot off but it was so close I don't think it mattered. Greedo missed and Han didn't. Slow the tape down and it looks like Gredo's blaster went off a split second before Han's did. Of course it all depends on which version you go by. The '77 version or the George Lucas re-release. 

Honestly, I don't know who shot first because I'm not a virgin. There.


exactly how much wood is in a chuck?

I think chuck is the verb and not the noun in this case. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Think of it like this. Let's replace chuck with cut and woodchuck with woodsman. How much wood could a woodsman cut if a woodsman could cut wood. See? not a unit of measurement. I'm assuming when woodchuck's hit their local watering hole after a day of chucking wood they brag about their chucking and they do it in some other term of measurement. 

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Tyler Polumbus

Tyler Polumbus

Tyler Polumbus


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