Notre Dame's Yankee Stadium Unis are Ugly

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We get it Notre Dame, you're playing a game in Yankee stadium this year. Nothing beats playing in an iconic stadium. Wait... Notre Dame alread DOES play in an iconic stadium. Fail 1. Fail 2, the uniforms for the game in Yankee stadium are baseball uniforms. Yuck.

Here are the 2018 Shamrock Series Uniforms Notre Dame will be reping vs Syracuse at the legendary Yankee Stadium!👀🍀 - Comment your thoughts Down Below⤵ - My personal review: • First off I really like the concept of this year's shamrock series unis since the game will be played at Yankee Stadium. Having two of the most iconic sport brands combined into one uniform is really cool. But I have a mixed bag of opinions about the whole get up, so I'll break it down... • Jerseys - The jerseys in my opinion are amazing! They are the perfect balance of our normal home game jersey, with the addition of the Yankees font and the pinstripes on the sleeves. Defiantly a job well done!💯 • Helmit - The helmits are just simply disappointing😞 Our GOLD helmits are the best in college football, and to not have barley any gold on the helmit is ridiculous! At least the ND monogram logo is cool and the helmit is a dark navy. But even if the visors were gold at the least, it would have been way better! • Pants & Shoes: This part of the unis would be very hard to screw up😂, and they nailed it! The iconic Yankee pinstripe pants are perfect, and the shoes with the GOLD (lol) breaking up the ND navy to the pinstripes is perfect!🔥 • Overall I really like these Shamrock Series Uniforms... But because of the helmits I rate them a 6 out of 10👏 ▪If you read this far comment your rating 0 out of 10!💯 - Follow @fightingirish_sports for more🍀 - #GOIRISH🍀 #notredame #shamrockseries #yankees #IrishWearGreen #fightingirish #fightirishsports #wernd #goldendomers #ndfootball #collegefootball #16days #beatmichigan #TicToc

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