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We went to the hotline to talk to Sports Illustrated own Robert Klemko. Robert recently got the latest reactions of Aqib Talib being traded to the L.A. Rams. Aqib Talib takes shot at Broncos for ‘firing all the dogs’ on defense. Talib criticized defensive coordinator Joe Woods for limiting what the defense was allowed to do compare to his predecessor, Wade Phillips. So apart from potentially being sour about getting traded, Talib apparently had other problems with how Denver was being run. But despite Talib’s stinging shots, it’s safe to say Elway has done an outstanding job leading the Broncos. After five winning seasons prior to last year, he’s earned the benefit of the doubt with his moves. Perhaps in time, his decision to get rid of another “dog” in Talib could prove to be the right move as well. Robert also talked about the Richard Sherman's Cornerback Academy where all the best Cornerback in the NFL got together picked each other mind. Robert thinks the AFC West is one of the worst divisions in the NFL. Klemko believes Denver needs to fix the o-line problem. We ended the segment going around the NFL on franchise tag issues.

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