Brandon Gaudin, Voice of Madden, Talks Release of Madden '19

Brandon Gaudin, the voice of Madden, joined us to talk about today’s release of Madden ‘19. We talked with Gaudin if he’s become a celebrity after being the voice of the game, some of the special features of this year’s game, and whether he plays the game himself. Gaudin talked about the development of football games over the years, from Tecmo Bowl to Madden today. Gaudin also talked about how some people complained about some of the reads saying “San Diego Chargers” when Gaudin said that some of the reads were done two years ago. We also talked with Gaudin about how often he has to go down to Orlando to cut new lines. We also got Gaudin’s thoughts about whether the College Football game will come back, and whether Gaudin and Charles Davis try and sneak some commentary into the game.

Justin & BK

Justin & BK

Justin Adams & Brandon Krisztal


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