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On the Friday edition of All Access, Matt and BK wanted to start the show on Lebron opts out of a guaranteed 35 million dollar contract. This opens the debate between NBA vs NFL difference in guaranteed money and Franchise tags. This leaves players with little options except to sit out. The NBA players can dictate where they go and who they go with. Matt talked about 1% of the NFL Players need s to speak up for the little guys 99% when it comes to the CBAs. We headed to the hotline to talk to T.Y. Mc Gill to give us the inside scoop on from Von Miller’s Pass Rushing Camp this past week. This interview can be found in KDSP àAll Accessà Interviewsà6-28-18. To finish off the first hour of the show, we continue the conversation talking about the top pass rushers now and then around the NFL

In the second hour of the show, we listed some players on the all decade that could possible make it in the Hall of Fame. Matt makes the case for Steve Atwater to get in the Hall. BK talked about John Lynch getting in the Hall and how he wasn’t the best player on any of the teams he played for. D-Wear will be a clear lock to make into the Hall. We went to hotline to talk to Adam Rank from to give his thoughts on Chap making the Hall of Fame. He thinks Champ needs to get into the Hall. With the 2018 World Cup upon us, Jeremy Bergman and Adam Rank are divvying up the NFL and selecting the top 11 -- or in, yes, FOOTBALL parlance, all-time XI -- players from each of the 32 teams' history. Wondering if and how your NFL team can make the playoffs in the coming season? Adam Rank and Marc Sessler have you covered in this ongoing series, as they provide five reasons why each of the league's 32 teams will make an appearance in the 2018 postseason. Rank examined the Denver Broncos. Here’s the five reason:  1) The Broncos still have Von Miller, right?, 2) And they stole Bradley Chubb, 3) Denver did a nice job with the other draft picks, too, 4) John Elway didn't draft a quarterback, 5) This is a legit win-now group . Adam Rank, this sentiment does fit these Broncos. They have enough veteran mettle -- with Miller, Keenum and Demaryius Thomas, among others -- to not only compete for the AFC West, but make a deep run in the playoffs. I feel like a lot of folks are foolishly dismissing this team because Denver lost a few pieces. But these Broncos look pretty darn stout to me. To finish off the show replaying yesterday interview with Chris Harris Jr on C&S Afternoon Drive Show.   

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