Rick Kamla, NBA TV & 92.9 The Game, Talks NBA Draft, Best FB/BBall Players

Rick Kamla from NBA TV and 92.9 The Game in Atlanta joined All Access to talk about the NBA Draft tonight. We talked with Kamla about whether or not Kawhi Leonard could be traded from the Spurs tonight. Kamla talked a bit about what to expect in the draft, including his thinking of many trades taking place tonight. We also talked with Kamla about the talent and depth in this draft and which players could go where. We also discussed some of the best football players who used to play basketball, and Kamla said Tony Gonzalez is up there, and is the goat of tight ends. Kamla also brought up Tony Gonzalez. We also discussed the offseason for Julio Jones and Kamla thinks it’s one of the worst offseasons for a superstar and how Julio has been selfish and a diva, with it having to do with hanging out with Terrell Owens. Kamla thinks Julio is overrated, and how other guys aside from Julio are more team-oriented. We also talked with Kamla about Julio missing the Falcons offseason work and how his Falcons teammates shouldn’t feel good about Julio missing Falcons work. Kamla also said “divas find divas” as to why Julio and T.O. have started working together.

Justin & BK

Justin & BK

Justin Adams & Brandon Krisztal


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