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Following a 10-6 season and an AFC West Division Championship, the Chiefs were quickly halted in the playoffs by the Tennessee Titans. After that stunning defeat, the Chiefs began a roster breakdown so they could feature 2017 first-round QB Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes excels when given that task. Mahomes has a couple of deep weapons in Tyreek Hill and newcomer Sammy Watkins that can really stretch the field and take the top off the defense for his spectacular tight end, the one and only Travis Kelce. 

The screen play is always in effect when watching an Andy Reid offense, and there are multiple threats in that facet of the game on this team. I would expect a more down-field approach to this year’s Chiefs squad, seeing the natural arm talent that Mahomes possesses. The Chiefs made it priority to sign Sammy Watkins early in unrestricted free agency and paid him an ungodly amount of money to be the guy. Add in Hill, who has Olympic-caliber speed, and it’s easy to see the potential of a track meet for their offense. The Chiefs really rely on tight end Travis Kelce in the passing game, and he has been known to obliterate the Broncos defense in the past. Having a dynamic threat at the tight end position that can create unique matchups in the secondary has made this offense very explosive in recent season

First & 10 @ 10

First & 10 @ 10

Steve Atwater, Andrew Mason and Ryan Edwards


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