Our #9News Broncos Insider Mike Klis

‘1st and 10’ went to the hotline to talk to our Broncos Insider #9news Mike Klis. Ryan asked Mike thoughts’ on the rookie Bradley Chubb. If Chubb plays over 12 games at a high level he could win NFL Rookie of the Year honors. Steve asked Mike to breakdown the defensives side of the ball and give light on Wolfe needed to step up this football season. Ryan asked Klis about Aqib Talib takes shot at Broncos for ‘firing all the dogs’ on defense. Talib criticized defensive coordinator Joe Woods for limiting what the defense was allowed to do compare to his predecessor, Wade Phillips. Mike gave credit on how John Elway was managed the team after winning the Super Bowl. The Broncos’ lost that intensity on the defense side of ball because of the money. Elway and Tablib are both right! Most GM would not have kept that 2015 core together and Elway put his neck on the line for the rest of the players from that Super Bowl team. Steve asked Mike how man dogs do you need on your team to be a winning ball club. Mike strongly believes that 2015 team is a perfect example of a team full of dogs.

First & 10 @ 10

First & 10 @ 10

Steve Atwater, Andrew Mason and Ryan Edwards


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