Ian St Clair columnist from Mile High Report

The ‘1st and 10’ went to the Hotline to talk to the Ian St Clair columnist from Mile High. Steve asked about seeing more targets about the tight ends and it’s not force.  We need somebody to step at this position. Ryan thinks that we shouldn’t force it if we haven’t been using the tight end.  We talked about the team wanting the best man for the job. He thinks Royce Freeman will be the starter by the end Training Camp. Elway needs the running game to open, so the passing game came make appearance again this upcoming season. Ian went with the LA Chargers on today’s poll question. Rivers can with anybody and make them better. DT said that he’s healthiest he has been in the past few seasons.    

First & 10 @ 10

First & 10 @ 10

Steve Atwater, Andrew Mason and Ryan Edwards


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