CU Buff Great & Former NFL Player Chad Brown

The ‘1st and 10’ went to the Hotline to talk to the CU Buff great Chad Brown. Ryan asked Chad how he felt about Garett Bolles comments yesterday after OTAs. Also, Chad shared his thoughts about Case Keenum and strongly agrees he’s the best fit for the Broncos’. Chad talked about his time in Pittsburgh Steelers and how they would convert college cornerback into outside line backs. The ‘1st and 10’ guys asked Brown how did you like playing in New England and why nowadays an enormous number of openly bash the New England. Brown winning is fun but its hard mentality to maintain. Players who played for the New England Patriots are systematic type of players who only fits Bill Belichick scheme. The players who bash the Patriots aren’t players that believe in the system. The last two questions for Chad Brown were about Shane Ray and Philadelphia Eagles not getting invited to the White House.

First & 10 @ 10

First & 10 @ 10

Steve Atwater, Andrew Mason and Ryan Edwards


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