Vance Joseph 2018 NFL Scouting Combine Presser



On RB Devontae Booker

“Obviously he had a good spring. He missed most of training camp. He came back about Week 4. He did some good things for us. He’s a young player. He’s an ascending player. With more time, he should get better, yes.”


On how RB De’Angelo Henderson complements Booker

“They don’t yet. Last year we had actually four backs. We had C.J. [Anderson], we had Jamaal [Charles] and we had ‘Book’ in about Week 3 or 4. It was hard for De’Angelo to even dress during the season. Obviously in preseason he had some good times where he showed what he can do, but it’s hard to dress four halfbacks. We had three guys dressing at that position and one fullback dressing. Moving forward, Henderson is a young player that has shown some life as a guy that can make big plays. We’re excited about him.”


On his evaluation of the Broncos’ 2017 draft class

“I’m not down on our draft class from last season. Some guys take more time to develop and some guys need more time. We drafted those kids last year and there was some positive and some negative also. But again, some guys need more time. I’m not down on our class. Every year you have to evaluate what you do in the draft. I want to find Broncos. I want to find guys that are smart, tough and who are team-first guys. Obviously every year it’s go back to the drawing board and kind of figure out where you can do better.”


On what position DE DeMarcus Walker will play in 2018

“He is going to be a defensive end for us in our 3-4 defense with the flexibility of being an inside rusher and also being an outside rusher on sub-downs. Speaking of him, he started of really slow, but towards the end of the season he did make some plays. That was good to see. Hopefully he comes back in the spring in great shape and kind of pushes forward from there.”


On whether coaching the Senior Bowl changes how he approaches the Combine

“It won’t change our approach. I think coaching the Senior Bowl was a clear advantage. To have a chance to actually coach those guys for a week, have a chance to watch them in install meetings and have a chance to watch them take the information in and put it back out, that’s valuable for you. In my opinion, it was worth it. We got a chance to see a lot of good players there. Moving forward, it does help you in your evaluation process.”


On what he wants to learn from QBs Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield that he didn’t learn coaching them at the Senior Bowl

“It’s a long process and having those quarterbacks on our team was obviously a good thing. All three guys [on the North roster] were good guys. They’re all talented guys. They all worked at it. Again, it’s a long process. As we move forward, we just want to find out more about the guys as people and as quarterbacks. This week is always a good week to sit back and watch them compete and watch them perform.”


On how Redskins QB Kirk Cousins handles pressure

“I haven’t coached Kirk Cousins so I can’t speak to that to be honest. He’s a Washington Redskin at the moment, so I can’t speak to that. But obviously watching the guy over the years, he’s a good football player. He’s thrown for over 4,000 yards the last three years, and that’s tough to do in this league. He’s a good one, but I’ll leave it at that.”


On how he approaches his second NFL Combine as a head coach compared to last year

“Not much different. It’s a process. It’s really [President of Football Operations/General Manager] John’s [Elway] process. I’m obviously a part of that, but how we do things, John has been that way for four or five years. It’s a process that we’ve done here in Denver for a long time. My approach hasn’t changed.”


On whether CB Bradley Roby showed enough last season to earn a bigger role

“Bradley is a first-round pick. He should play well for us. I’m not surprised when he makes plays and when he’s playing at a high level. That’s what he should do. Obviously the Oakland game when [CB] Aqib [Talib] was ejected, he played very well. In the game Aqib missed against Miami, I thought Bradley played very well. He’s definitely capable, but he should be. He’s a first-round pick.”


On TE Jake Butt

“I think Jake Butt is going to be full-go this spring. He came back about Week 8 or 9. He wasn’t quite ready yet. He’s got a bright future. He’s a worker, he’s a pro and he’s there every day. I’m excited to see him this spring moving forward.”


On how Butt can affect the offense

“I’m not sure yet. Once we get into scheme and get to the practice field, we’ll kind of know more about that.”


On what he’d like to see from QB Josh Rosen this week

“Josh is a very talented quarterback. He looks like a pro on tape, but meeting with him and watching him throw and compete this week is going to be a help to the evaluation. He’s definitely a good football player.”


On whether the quarterbacks currently on the roster are in the mix for next season

“As of now, yes. We’ve got two guys on the roster, well three actually with Chad Kelly. We’ve got Trevor [Siemian], we’ve got Paxton [Lynch] and we’ve got Chad Kelly. Absolutely they are. I can’t speak to the future right now. Right now, they are our quarterbacks.”


On whether Kelly is healthy

“Yes he is.”


On videos of Kelly working out with his uncle, Jim Kelly, and Phil Simms

“I have not seen the video. Was it good (laughing)?”


On if the offensive line is a priority this offseason

“I think offensive line is always a priority. Outside of the quarterback, that’s always the big question for our football team. We have to play better at quarterback. That’s obvious. That’s apparent. We have to also protect better. We can play better defense also. It’s not just the quarterback position we have to get better at. It’s a full team effort. To protect the quarterback is always a good thing, and running the football. That goes through the offensive line. To answer your question plainly, yes.”


On how stability at quarterback will help T Garett Bolles

“It will help us all. We played three quarterbacks last year. No one wants to do that. You want one guy and one guy only. If someone gets injured, you want to have a capable backup. You don’t want to play three quarterbacks. I think all of involved will get better by not playing three quarterbacks.”


On former Running Backs Coach Eric Studesville

“After you have a year of being 5-11, I want to move past that, but it was time in my opinion for a culture change. Obviously Eric Studesville is a good football coach. He’s a friend of mine. Miami has a good football coach there. For our team to move forward and get better, it was time for a change in some areas.”


On Studesville’s coaching style

“He’s a great leader. He’s a great football coach. He’s obviously won the ‘Big Game.’ That’s important when you bring guys into your fold who have won at a high level. That’s always good for your players and coaches. And he’s a good man. He’s an excellent pickup for [Miami Head Coach] Adam [Gase].”


On what the team is trying to add to the roster this year after saying last year they were looking for players with ‘juice’

“Good players. Lots and lots of good players.”


On his evaluation of WR Carlos Henderson

“He’s an explosive young player. Obviously he missed the season. He was injured during training camp. He was drafted to be a good football player for us, hopefully a three or four. He’s also a hell of a returner. He can be a core guy on special teams. We’re looking forward to getting him back on the field and hopefully he can contribute for us this year.”


On the changes with the strength and conditioning program

“When you go into the offseason, you want to always build strength and build more speed and build more durability. Whoever is the strength coach, that is always your goals. You’ve got basically nine weeks with your football team from the start to the finish [of the offseason program]. You want to take those nine weeks and obviously grown in all areas, physical areas and also the football IQ areas.”


On whether he expects WRs Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas to return

“We want to keep all of our good players. That is important. Every team has to go through a self-evaluation every single season. At the end of the day, we’re doing what’s best for the Broncos, but we want all of our good players to be back in Denver.”


On a piece of advice he’d give himself if he could back in time to this place last year

“Win more games. Simple as that. Win more games.”


On evaluating quarterbacks in free agency who have only played a few games

“It’s about fit. You have to find a guy that fits your football profile. It’s not about the numbers or the names. It’s about the perfect fit. The best teams win. You have to have a guy that fits your football mindset. In Denver, we want to play great defense all the time and run the football. Who fits that formula for us? I’m not sure yet. It’s all about fit.”


On whether he’d like to have a physical, run-first offense

“I thought we had that last year. We had our first 1,000-yard rusher for the first time in a long time in Denver. That part I thought we had. We turned the ball over at a rapid rate. That was obviously our major issue. Outside of that, we can play better defense in spots. I thought we started with that last year running the football and being a physical football team.”


On the state of the AFC West

“It’s a strong division. You look at the Chiefs who have won every game in the division for two years. That football team is hard to beat, especially at home. Oakland has a good staff with Coach [John] Gruden. That’s an experienced football coach with a big-time quarterback. The Chargers I think started 1-4 or 1-5 and won seven or eight straight with [QB] Philip Rivers and Coach [Anthony] Lynn out there. It’s a tough division. In my opinion, you’ve got in the division two or three teams that are capable of making the playoffs every year. With that being said, it’s always going to be a challenge to win the division.”


On what side G Ron Leary will play in 2018

“That’s being talked about. He was a left guard [when he came to] Denver. He make go back to left guard. It depends how things go the next couple of months.”


On whether they would consider moving Bolles to right tackle

“That is also being discussed right now. We’ve got a right tackle in Menelik Watson. That’s where we are with that now.”


On whether he can say the team will definitively look for a quarterback in free agency

“I would say this, we have to play better at the quarterback position.”


On what he is looking for from defensive backs at the combine

“It’s a bunch of corners that can play. I want guys that can play press-man. That is what we do. We want guys with great long speed and great length so they can press and run with guys. It’s a draft full of those guys this year.”

First & 10 @ 10

First & 10 @ 10

Steve Atwater, Andrew Mason and Ryan Edwards


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