The Crock Pot - Friday Edition (10/5/18)

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It's the Crockett & Stout "Crock Pot!" The guys take a collection of the day's top NFL stories and not-so-much NFL stories, throw them into the crock pot, and see what opinions get cooked up!

On Friday, the guys discussed:

  • Jones: Dez reunion not in Cowboys' best interest

  • Richard Sherman: Rule tweaks helping average QBs put up HOF numbers

  • Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey repeatedly calls Chiefs' Tyreek Hill an All-Pro, Pro Bowl 'return specialist'

  • Bottle of Whisky Sells for a Record $1.1 Million?

  • A 2-year-old destroyed $1,000 of his parents' money by putting it through a shredder

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Crockett & Stout

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