Bill Romanowski, Former Broncos & Raiders LB, Talks Rivalry, Going DEN-OAK

Former Broncos and Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski joined Crockett & Stout to talk about playing for both teams, going from the Broncos to the Raiders, and more. We talked with Romanowski about what Raiders week meant to him, why he went to the Raiders after the Broncos including an interesting departure from the Broncos and a phone call to Al Davis, playing against the Broncos when he went to the Raiders, how the game of football is played nowadays and how he said he would’ve been kicked out of every football game with the new helmet rule, what he expects from this game,, Pat Bowlen going into the Hall of Fame, and more.

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

Ray Crockett & Marc Stout


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