Ray Sherman, Former WR Coach of T.O., Talks Presenting T.O. on Saturday

Ray Sherman, long-time NFL coach who is presenting T.O. on Saturday and was T.O.'s WR coach in Dallas for a couple of years joined Crockett & Stout. When asked about coaching T.O. and of his decision to not attend the Hall of Fame ceremony, Sherman said that he was never a problem and that he did everything that was asked of him. Sherman said Owens was awesome and he loved coaching him. On T.O.’s decision, Sherman says you need to go along with his decision, see what Owens has to say and then formulate an opinion. Sherman also said that you gotta have guys that are wired differently, and of the top players, they are different in that they are wired differently and put in the work for it, and you gotta be able to coach the guys that are just different. 

Sherman also asked the question of what trouble T.O. has been in off the field, and how people are always negative and they don’t even know him, and talked about how he’s not disruptive. We also talked with Sherman about the media can sometimes be hypocritical as they loved talking to T.O. but then they hold it against them. We then talked with Sherman about how T.O. is handling this weekend and what he’s going to say, and Sherman said whatever T.O. says, he’s going to speak from the heart. We also talked with Sherman about coaching Randy Moss in Minnesota, and Sherman said Randy is also wired differently and a freak of nature. Sherman also talked about coaching Donald Driver. We also talked with Sherman about his career, and of the guys he’s had an impact on in his career.

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