Mike Klis, 9News Broncos Insider, Talks Musgrave's O, Paxton's Good Day

Our 9News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joined Crockett & Stout. We talked with Mike about the wide receivers room, and Isaiah McKenzie’s play today including a big dropped pass but how he still has the inside track on the No. 5 WR spot, and what other guys are battling to make the team. We then talked about some of the good things that Bill Musgrave is doing right now with the offense including movement, formations, and more including the emphasis of getting the ball out early and involving the RBs in the passing game. Mike also talked about how the offense has had the better of training camp thus far. We then talked with Mike about how Paxton had a good day today and how Musgrave had him moving today with rolling for good passes and not taking off on the run as much today. Mike also talked about how Paxton is still very young, and is the same age as some rookies on this team.

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

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