Darrell Doucette, QB in AFFL, Talks Team Headed to AFFL Ultimate Final

Darrell “Housh” Doucette, QB of the "Fighting Cancer" team in the American Flag Football League joined Crockett & Stout to talk about the upcoming Ultimate Final. We asked Darrell about the semifinal (amateur final) over the weekend and how his team came away with a victory to head into the final this weekend. We also asked Darrell about where his nickname “Housh” came from and how his team “Fighting Cancer” came together and where the team’s name came from. We also talked about the rules of the game and how it takes work to understand the rules of flag football. We also asked Darrell about the million dollar purse his team could win and whether it’s the biggest pot he’s played for. We also asked Darrell how the team is going to win the final this weekend against the pro team, “Godspeed” and what this week is like leading up to the final this weekend.

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

Ray Crockett & Marc Stout


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