Anthony Miller, Former Broncos WR, Talks Why He Left DEN, Regrets Leaving

Former Broncos wide receiver Anthony Miller joined Crockett & Stout. We talked with Miller about Miller and Ray coming to the Broncos at the same time and playing together. We also chatted with Miller about playing in the AFC West at the time he was here in Denver. We also discussed Miller’s tenure with the Chargers. We also discussed what it was like for Miller to play here with Elway, and Miller said Elway was the “best quarterback I’ve ever played with.” We also talked with Miller about him being a part of the first season with two 1,000 yard receivers between he and Shannon Sharpe in 1994. We also talked about Miller having left the Broncos before they went on to win the Super Bowl, and what went into leaving and whether it was his relationship with Shanahan, and Miller said it was also due in part to his relationship with John at first because Miller wanted the ball more in his latter stages of his Broncos career. We also talked with Miller about still holding the record for most touchdowns in a single Broncos season (14, tied with DT), and Miller said he still lets people know about that. Anthony Miller also recalled leaving the Broncos and Miller having said it was a “dumb mistake” after leaving the team when they went 13-3 and how he’s regretted it. We also talked with Miller about competing NFL Fastest man competition, when he once beat Ron Brown and finished second to Daryl Green in ‘89.

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