Sal Capaccio, Bills Beat & Sideline Reporter, Talks Latest on LeSean McCoy

 Bills Beat & Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio to discuss the latest with the LeSean McCoy story. We talked with Sal about McCoy’s girlfriend and what exactly went down. Sal said that if McCoy is connected, he said “his career needs to be over, he needs to go to jail, and be suspended from the league indefinitely.” Sal talked about McCoy hiring the lawyer that was involved in the cases with Ray Lewis and Ben Roethlisberger. We also talked with Sal about how the Bills should handle the situation and investigation. Sal also talked about the kind of citizen that McCoy has been in Buffalo and also some of the situations that McCoy has been in over the years. We also talked with Sal about how the league could handle the situation and Sal also discussed how the Bills have a female owner in Kim Pegula. We also discussed Josh Allen with Sal and what his training has been like in the offseason, and how some of the top picks haven’t signed their contracts yet. Sal also talked about Josh Allen’s arm strength and his ability to throw balls that only a few in the NFL now or ever could throw, but how he needs to learn how to tone it down for some throws. We also discussed if Bills players are putting on offseason camps. We also discussed the idea of the Bills not having McCoy available if the story progresses towards that.

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Crockett & Stout

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