Bill Williamson, NFL Writer, Talks Raiders, Jon Gruden, AFC West Outlook

NFL writer Bill Williamson joined Crockett & Stout. We talked with Bill about his Raiders website, and what the site is all about. We talked with Bill about the Raiders and Jon Gruden coming back into the fold and we discussed his comment of wanting to take the team back to ‘98. We also discussed the Raiders offseason and the older acquisitions and character risks. We talked about the contract that Mark Davis and the Raiders gave Jon Gruden. We then dived into the landscape of the AFC West with Bill and got this thoughts on the outlook of the division. Bill talked about Patrick Mahomes and the Chargers expectations over the years. We also chatted about the strength of the NFC versus the AFC. We also broke down the AFC West teams and what it would take for success to come. We then discussed Bill’s thoughts on Jon Gruden and the Raiders cutting Marquette King.

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