TBT: Former Broncos OT Tony Jones Talks Broncos, Life-Changing Heart Attack

Former Broncos offensive tackle Tony Jones joined Crockett & Stout for Throwback Thursday. We talked with Jones about what he’s up to these days and whether he’s still involved in football. We also talked with Jones about his thoughts on the current Broncos and the state of the offensive line right now. Jones also talked about what it takes to be successful playing on the offensive line. We also talked with Jones about the quarterback position having something to do with the success of the o-line, and having that same consistently play the position for the o-line to get used to him. Jones also talked about what needs to be focused on in today’s NFL, and Jones talked about it’s all about setting up the running game first and foremost to be successful and set up the rest of the offense. Jones also talked about some of his success and the team’s success in his career, and how good he thought the team could be when he was brought in. We also chatted with Jones about motivation for younger players, and that dynamic when Jones played. We then talked with Jones about mentorship in his career, and a turning point in his career/life when Jones talked about having a heart attack in ‘92, being pronounced dead, and getting a second chance.

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Crockett & Stout

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