Bruce Feldman, The Athletic CFB, Talks Article On Stealing Signals

Bruce Feldman from The Athletic CFB joined Crockett & Stout to talk about his article on stealing signals. Bruce talked about what went into this article, and how he came into this story, writing the story after interviewing a coach who is known for stealing signals. Bruce talked about how the coach who was kept anonymous, gave him insight into stealing signals and what goes into that. We also discussed the limiting of headsets on the sidelines and how that affects stealing signals and the game overall. Bruce talked about Howard Mudd, who consulted with the Broncos this offseason, stole signals at the NFL level. Bruce also talked about how coaches have to be more diligent about making sure signals aren’t stolen and how Bruce has heard from coaches since his article came out about some coaches that others worry about when it comes to stealing signals. We talked with Bruce about the level of acceptance when it comes to stealing signals, and Bruce also discussed Bill Belichick.

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

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