Amy Trask, CBS NFL Analyst & Former Raiders CEO, Talks AFC West & BIG3

Amy Trask, CBS NFL Analyst, Chairman of the Board for the BIG3, and former Raiders CEO joined Crockett & Stout. We joked with Amy off the bat about whether or not she had learned the crip walk yet from Ice Cube having now being the Chairman of the Board for the BIG3. We also talked with Amy about her resume and coming into the NFL in the 80s as a woman and what the gender/minority lines were like at that time. We discussed with Amy about why she got into football and her Raiders fandom tying in to getting into it. We also discussed the current landscape of women in the workplace. We then got Amy’s thoughts on the outlook of the AFC West. Amy also discussed once being a part of a coaching search with Al Davis and she recommended Bill Belichick while Al went with Jon Gruden. We also got her thoughts on the Raiders moving to Las Vegas. We wrapped up with Amy on why she joined the BIG3 and what makes the league so popular, and the league allows players to use cannabis to recover as it relates to pain management.

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