Clark Judge, Talk of Fame Network, Talks Interview With DeMarcus Ware

Clark Judge from the Talk of Fame Network joined Crockett & Stout to discuss his interview with DeMarcus Ware. Judge talked about Ware speaking on Bradley Chubb, joining the Broncos as a pass-rush consultant, and more. In the interview, Ware also talked about how he’s not quite too sure about taking on a full-time coaching role. We also talked with Judge about Ware being exclusive to the Broncos and not going to the Cowboys. We also discussed the dynamic for Ware coaching the team and what his role could look like coaching up the Broncos pass rushers. We also talked with Judge about Bradley Chubb falling to the Broncos in the draft and whether he thinks Ware will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. We also discussed what D-Ware said about what Chubb can do for Von Miller lining up alongside one another. We also asked Judge about Terrell Owens not attending his Hall of Fame enshrinement and Judge mentioned how the enshrinement is also about the people who helped T.O. get there and it’s not all about Owens. We talked with Judge about players continuing to go into coaching because they love what they are doing and it keeps them around the game, and the money won’t deter the players from going to coaching. We also discussed why Hall of Famers don’t get a vote and why is it just the writers. 

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