Howard Griffith, Former Broncos FB, Talks Importance of FBs, Time With DEN

Former Broncos FB Howard Griffith joined Crockett & Stout to talk about his playing time with the Broncos, and we also talked with Griffith about fullbacks in fantasy football and the debate of running backs and fullbacks fighting for touchdowns, and we discussed the importance of fullbacks in fantasy versus real football. We also heard some stories about Gibbs and Elway from Griffith. We talked with Griffith about some of the players he’s seen up close from the Big Ten. We talked with Griffith about DaeSean Hamilton, Saquon Barkley, and more. We also heard from Griffith about his thoughts on Case Keenum and some other notes on the Broncos.

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

Ray Crockett & Marc Stout


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