Wyoming Head Coach Craig Bohl

In our 2nd segment of the show, we headed out to the Hotline to talk to the University of Wyoming Head Coach Craig Bohl #InTheCrib. As the NFL Draft approaches we asked Coach Craig about his timing coaching NFL Quarterback prospect Josh Allen. We breakdown the similarities between Philadelphia Eagles and former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz and Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen are quite extensive. Both were recruited by Wyoming coach Craig Bowl and offensive coordinator Brent Vigen. Both played at relatively small schools. Both quarterbacks are mobile and share 6’5” 235 lb. frames. This list could go on and on. Whether or not Allen succeeds in the NFL will be determined by a variety of factors that cannot be predicted based upon how he performed in college. Allen undoubtedly has the skills to be successful; the question is whether he will receive the gift of being placed in an environment that will bring out his full potential. People can guess but no one has the answer.   

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

Ray Crockett & Marc Stout


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