Chris Landry

In our 2nd segment of the show, we have Chris Landry joined us #InTheCrib. Chris operates his own coaching and scouting consulting business serving both NFL organizations and College Football programs in the areas of pro and college personnel, recruiting, advance scouting as well as coaching assessment, development. Chris shares his personal story on how the sporting combine was started and all the way up to now. Chris was selected to serve as the coordinator of the NFL Scouting Combine in 1993 where he oversaw the selection and operation process of the top draft. Chris tells Broncos Nation; don’t believe the hype on mock drafts and players they want. Speeds kills but it’s not everything. The three cone drill helps scouts see the lineman movement from the hip down.        

At the top of the 4pm segment, Chris Landry stayed with us. Landry breakdowns what teams have to do to invite their guy to the Indy. Also, sometime teams didn’t invite their guy so they get them late in the draft. Chris shared multiple-stories and how psychologists are now interviewing most of the players nowadays.  Correspondingly, #InTheCrib we recap two players at each position for Broncos and pass player Chris Passed On/ Picked Up on his team.  

Crockett & Stout

Crockett & Stout

Ray Crockett & Marc Stout


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