EXCLUSIVE: No Broncos Coaching Change During Season

John Elway

Tuesday during his weekly visit on 1-on-1 with Dave Logan on Orange and Blue 760, Denver Broncos President of Football Operations and General Manager John Elway said if there are any changes to the coaching staff, they will not come before the 2017 season ends.

"We're going to finish this season out," Elway told Logan, the Voice of the Broncos. "We know the expectations of the Denver Broncos. This has been a tough year. It's not what the Broncos are about. I'm embarrassed about it and will do my part to hopefully get this thing turned around next year."

"The expectation of our Bronco fans should be for us to get this turned around," Elway added. "Before we get that done, we're going to take pride in what we do and finish this season as strong as we possibly can. I'd like to get us competitive. Losing is one thing but the way that we've lost is the most frustrating thing."

"I think we've lost six of those eight [straight games] by more than ten points, that's not competitive football. We've got enough good football players on this team that that should not be happening."

Listen to the entire interview with John here.



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